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Got Mobile?

Got Mobile?

It doesn’t take an expert to see the growth that is occurring in the mobile space.  Smartphone usage continues to increase rapidly worldwide.  According to Nielsen, in March 2012, 50.4 % of U.S consumers have a smartphone.  This is up from 35% just one year ago.  Google’s Android OS has 48.5% of the market with Apple’s IOS share is 32%.  Tablet usage is also on the rise with nearly 1 in 4 smartphone users making use of both devices.


What does this mean?
Well for one thing, smartphone usage has nearly doubled in the last 12 months.  87% of users access the Internet or email from their device.  68% do this every day.   25% say that they mostly access the web from their mobile device rather than their computer. If you want to reach this market, you must have a mobile offering.

While most smart phones will display your website properly, your site was probably designed for a large monitor and not for the constraints of a 3.5 inch screen.  Your navigation buttons may be too small to read let alone click.  If you are lucky, your customers and prospects will find your phone number and call you before leaving altogether.  Creating a mobile website presentation is your best option and doesn’t need to cost a lot.

Why is the mobile visitor on your website?
Deciding how to present your company to the mobile market starts by understanding why they are there in the first place.  Are they looking for your phone number or address?  74% of smartphone owners use their device to get real-time location based information.  Do you have a map?  Chances are that they want to contact you so make it easy.

In many cases a single page that is automatically served up when they enter your website address will make a big difference in the number of contacts.  In fact, a recent study from BIA/Kelsey predicts that inbound phone calls will increase by 107% over the next 17 months, largely due to smartphone usage.  U.S businesses will receive 70 billion calls from mobile devices by 2016.  Today the number is 20 billion.

Your mobile presentation can be expanded to include the highlights of your website or even the entire site if desired.  Want to offer more advanced features like geo-targeting or push messaging?  Try a mobile application.  Whatever your solution, make sure it is easy for your prospect to contact you.

Did you know that you can have your own mobile website for less than $100 a month?  Contact Biznet to learn more.

Mobile Applications
There are already over 1million mobile applications available across the top-four smartphone platforms.  Entertainment and game applications make up only 30% of titles.  With a business application, your goal isn’t necessarily to get a high quantity of users but rather quality, repeat usage.  The greatest struggle most application developers have today is user attrition.  95% of downloaders discard or discontinue using the application within the first 30 days of download.  Don’t focus on having the most downloads but rather the direct benefits it may have to your bottom line.


Why develop a mobile business application?
Increase visibility – First, the Apple App Store is its own search engine.   Apple touts over 400 million users with app store accounts and over 15 billion downloads.  Google, whose Android marketplace is only a year and a half old, also touts over 15 billion downloads.  You can optimize your application using specific keywords to expand your visibility.  Once your application is installed, your icon will be in front of them every time they access their phone.

Companies with mobile technology are still viewed as progressive by prospects, clients, and potential employees.  Improve your perception and client confidence by promoting your new application through traditional and online media outlets.

Improved customer service – Customers like quick, easy answers.  If your customers will benefit by providing mobile access to frequently asked questions, forums, or key personnel, a mobile application can be the platform to connect them.

Increase productivity- Your customers and your employees may benefit from the convenience, accessibility, and ease-of-use your mobile application offers. Will a custom mobile application make their lives easier?

Enable geo-centric capabilities & Push messaging –the greatest benefits that come with a mobile apps are the ability to access the geographic location of your user and the ability to push notifications directly from the application to the smartphone’s screen.  In general terms, this means that you can identify the location of the user and target messages directly to them, perhaps as they drive by.

As the demand for mobile websites and applications explode, Biznet has expanded our skillset and bandwidth to support your needs.  To learn more, contact Biznet today.

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