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3 Facebook Marketing Techniques for Businesses to Help Engage Potential Customers

3 Facebook Marketing Techniques for Businesses to Help Engage Potential Customers

Facebook Marketing Techniques

Facebook, with over 1 billion users and growing, is a social network that small, medium, and some larger businesses have been slow to adapt into their marketing strategy, and use to engage their current and prospective fan bases. Below are 3 marketing techniques that can help these businesses engage, gain and build new and existing customer relationships.

Creating Engaging Content That is Shareable
Have something interesting that your company is celebrating, like an anniversary of a product launch or brainstorming new products? Create a press release or interactive poll and share it with your customers via a short and brief status update, along with the link to the article or poll. Inviting your fans and customers to engage with you on this level will not only give you better insight as to what they are thinking, but may also give you some new ideas on how to sell, promote and market your products.

Create and Share Pictures and Other Media
Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Vimeo, these are all user cultivated, media sharing platforms that either some or all of your customers are on, and they can all be integrated into Facebook. Use and share media on these platforms as ways to get out old advertisements, workplace photos or retro logos of your company via special social network days, such as Throwback Thursday, or simply how employees unwind after a day of work, and ask fans how they celebrate or unwind. This will help to create a better understanding of both who you are as a company and what a customer uses your product for.

Engage With Your Audience
Questions, Comments, and Polls, these are ways that you can interact with your fans and customers via your Facebook page. With social media becoming the new form of customer service, it is important that you like, share and respond to comments on your company page. For those that think it is unimportant to respond to negative comments, pictures or videos about your product, I offer you these as prime examples of why not to do that.

As a business that is on Facebook, it is important to view the social media network as the neighborhood your store just moved into. Whether you are a brick and mortar or e-commerce company, when a customer comes into your store or visits your website, they want to have someone help them, answer their questions, and engage them in conversation about the business and their products to help ease any concerns that they may have.