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3 To-Do’s That Should be Added to Your Digital Marketing Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning, the act of cleaning your house from top to bottom, is filled with “honey do” lists, various trips to Lowe’s, Home Depot and various other stores to pick up necessities to ensure that your home is ready for the onslaught of summer events that will be held there in the form of parties, family gatherings and graduation parties, but what about a spring cleaning for your business and your digital marketing strategy? Below we will discuss three things that you should add on your “to-do” list as it relates to your business’s digital marketing plan for the future.

To-Do #1:  Update Your Website and Blog Content

With the various Google Panda and Penguin updates that happened over the past few months, it is important that you evaluate your web and blog content to determine if your site was penalized, and if so, to start taking steps to implement relevant and consumer focused content for the site.  These penalties were given to sites that had duplicate content, content that has been “spun” or was simply not relevant to users who clicked on the page (pages w/ a high bounce rate in Google Analytics), among other things.

Another “check-up” that you will want to do is on your company’s blog. Is it updated frequently? Are the articles driving traffic to other pages on your site? How are the posts performing regarding social media shares, likes and retweets? Some ways that you can help “clean-up” and improve your blog traffic is by creating and updating it regularly with fresh and relevant content, invite guest bloggers to write a piece for your company via a review or testimonial article or video, or simply ask your customers what they would like to hear about via social media, and create posts based around those questions and topics.

To-Do #2:  Claim, Update and Manage Directory Listings

Think of this step as you would with how you upkeep the outside of your house. When the lawn needs to be mowed, you mow it, when the house needs to be painted or have the windows cleaned, you paint or clean, and so forth. So why would you avoid doing this for all of your directory listings online? These pages are the digital version of the outside of your business. You want to keep a clean and respectful exterior image of your business, so update or remove old photos, add new photos, update your address or phone numbers if they have changed, and claim those directory listings that are showing up in search engine results pages that have not been claimed yet. After all, you wouldn’t want first time visitors to your house to see an unorganized front yard right?

To-Do #3: Look at What Your Competitors Are Doing

We are always trying to keep up with the Joneses  when it come to our home upkeep  and business, so why not expand this into aspects of your digital marketing strategy? Take time to look at your competitors’ website, social media profiles, etc. and see what they are doing. How are they interacting with their customer base, and how are their customers responding? What types of media are they sharing about their company to promote themselves in a better light? Are they participating in any new media or app that would be beneficial for you to invest time into? By researching and looking at your competitors website, you are helping your company create various new marketing opportunities and tactics that will not only help you keep up with the Joneses, but also perhaps one up them in the form of a share-able video, informative article, or through the creation of a social media profile on a very niche social network that gains a large fan base.

These are just a few of the to-do’s that your marketing team should consider looking at during this time of spring cleaning, and sooner than you know it your site will be receiving new traffic, your social media profiles will be getting more “likes” and you will be the talk of the your neighborhood, I mean, industry!