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3 Ways Mobile Apps Are Changing the Healthcare Industry

3 Ways Mobile Apps Are Changing the Healthcare Industry

DocAppsAs the shift of getting information switches from desktops to mobile devices, the healthcare industry can reap great benefits from utilizing current mobile apps to provide for, track symptoms, and mange the time of customers and their appointments. Below are just a few of the ways mobile apps are changing the healthcare industry today.

Building Better Client Relationships

Mobile apps in the healthcare industry can help professionals keep better track of their customers and patients through special services offered in mobile applications. Whether a patient needs a reminder about their appointment, needing to track a symptom that they are having so that they do not forget it during their next appointment or simply to call and schedule an appointment, a mobile app can help patients reach their doctor or physician quickly and efficiently with a tap of their screen.

Cost Effective Marketing Tool

Unlike a Yellow Pages ad or website, a mobile application that is downloaded onto a patient or customers mobile device is within arm’s reach of that person for the entire day and night. The ability to have this type of brand presence and the knowledge that patients and customers have their phone on them at all times can lead to push notifications of special offers, availability of the next open time for a visit, and many other marketing opportunities at a low-cost. The mobile app also allows healthcare professionals to share informative articles, blog posts and news to their patients and customers in a way that is easily readable for people on the go.

Improved Patient Safety

Similar to building better client relationships with mobile apps, healthcare professionals can help improve patient safety with mobile apps. Whereas today patients leave an office with a stack of papers and little memory of what they are supposed to do, healthcare professionals can add and tag relevant news articles and treatments to their blog, which can be uploaded to the mobile app. Mobile apps can also allow for a “pill reminder” to help ensure that the sick and elderly remember to take certain pills at specific times.

In the future, as more and more people begin owning and using smartphones, and technology advances, we should begin to see mobile apps that allow for tracking of blood pressure, workout routines, and many other topics that can be researched and studied to help healthcare professionals find out what are the best treatments or solutions for their patients and customers. It is important that healthcare professionals begin looking at mobile technology as an extended knowledge base and staff member for their team, as not only will it soon be something that every healthcare office has, but something that every healthcare office will come to rely on in terms of patient relationships, marketing themselves, and improving patient safety.