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5 Effective Ways to Build and Maintain Customer Relationships via Mobile Marketing Techniques

Mobile MarketingWhether you own a business or represent a business as an agency, the importance of creating, building and maintaining customer relationships is something that is always being worked on. Customer relationship programs have varied through the years with the rise of technology and the ways we communicate. First there was the direct mail piece, then the email newsletter, and now we are into mobile marketing. Using these five effective ways of mobile marketing, you can help to promote and maintain customer relationships during the mobile era.

Mobile Applications

A truly custom and unique mobile application for your company can help customer relationships immensely. With a complete and well thought out mobile application, a business can help to create a faster buying channel for its customers, enable them to receive unique and special coupons, or allow them to find a store near them faster, among other things.

Push Notifications

Using a smart phones geo-location technology to promote specials, coupons and send personalized messages to customers when they are near your business will allow you to interact with your loyal customers when they are closest to you and persuade them to come and visit your business, whether they were planning to or not.

Social Integration

Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare are just a few of the social media networks that businesses should be integrating into their mobile marketing strategies. These networks can help you spread the word on sales and promotions, as well as give you analytics on who has been to your store, how many times they have been there and when and what day is your busiest days. The knowledge gained from these social networks can help you to create better promotions and sales, whether it is to drive more traffic during slow days or promote a special event via a discount when someone checks in.

Loyalty Programs

While loyalty programs in the mobile space can range from checking-in to a certain place to scanning a QR code with your phone and taking a survey, the limits can be endless. Send them push notifications for every third time they check-in, offer discounts on special products to those that share your coupons on their social media sites. These and many more options for loyalty programs can help set up a trusted base of loyal customers that are willing to promote and market your products and services to their friends and social networks.

Text Reminders

Text reminders are a basic form of push notifications. These messages can be sent to customers to inform them of new products and services that may be useful to them, or specials that are happening right now. The benefit of text messages is that they can also reach those users who do not have push notifications enabled on their phones.

These five effective mobile marketing techniques can be used together or separately, but whatever way you choose make sure to remember that there is a line you can cross from being “helpful, informative and beneficial” to “immediately deleted, unsubscribe from or ignored”. Listening to customers feedback on your mobile marketing techniques will allow you to fine tune your techniques so you can best serve your customers and gain new ones.