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Have You Heard These Marketing Automation Myths?

Have You Heard These Marketing Automation Myths?

5 Marketing Automation Myths…And Realities

We hear statements like this all the time surrounding Marketing Automation. You may even be guilty of a Marketing Automation Mythsfew…

“My company could never afford it.”

“Marketing Automation isn’t designed for small businesses, like mine.”

“Marketing Automation is just an automated email platform.”

“My sales team would never benefit from using Marketing Automation.”

“Marketing Automation is cold and impersonal.”

Marketing Automation has been picking up pace, becoming one of the most useful tools in today’s marketing scene and is projected to continue to grow exponentially. However, along with the growth in popularity, comes a few issues. One of the most common hurdles to clear seems to be a lack of knowledge surrounding the technology. To be clear, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, we’re just here to help clear the air.

Marketing Automation’s Myths, Busted

Myth #1: Too Expensive
Reality: Not exactly. Historically, a handful of Marketing Automation technologies catered to large corporations and along with that niche came a hefty sticker price. However, as the technology has grown and advanced, new programs have become readily available for small to mid-sized companies. Most of the more affordable platforms are based on a tiered platform that allows businesses to choose a model that best fits their needs and budget. These models range from anywhere from a DIY version, to a completely outsourced model. Think of Marketing Automation as an extension of your marketing team with added benefits for the sales team.

Myth #2: Not Designed for Small Businesses
Reality: Again, this is one of those, kind of but not exactly type of statements. While yes, at one point in time Marketing Automation technology was readily available to companies with big pockets, but a lot has changed. New Marketing Automation providers have come to the surface with technologies specially designed to cater to small to mid-sized businesses. We even use one here at Biznet Digital, to help with our automated marketing strategies.

Myth #3: Just a Fancy Automated Email Platform
Reality: While one of the five key components (what we believe to be key features) of Marketing Automation technology is an integrated email platform, that shouldn’t be the only reason you choose to utilize it. Marketing Automation is so much more than just a fancy automated email platform. We believe a true Marketing Automation technology should have these 5 key components:

  1. Website Visitor ID
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  3. Behavior Analytics
  4. Email Automation
  5. Campaign Optimization

Companies that use Marketing Automation to its fullest capabilities see more benefits than just sending out blast emails. Email is just one of the channels in which messages are passed along to future prospects and current customers/clients. Most Marketing Automation technologies have the ability to allow for social media, PPC (pay-per-click), and other third-party platform integration, allowing you to gather the most amount of data possible. These connections allow for a better collection and understanding of marketing efforts, allowing for accurate data to prove ROI.

Myth #4: No Benefit for Sales
Reality: Whoa, where did this come from? One of the biggest sells of Marketing Automation is the simple fact that leads are properly nurtured and handed over to sales primed and ready to buy! One of the main tasks of Marketing Automation is to effectively nurture leads in a timely fashion with content to cater to their needs in the sales cycle.

Since the technology was designed to nurture leads, your sales team WILL benefit. The prospects they receive have been well versed on the products or services available and are ready to close a deal! Another feature of Marketing Automation’s nurturing process is that it doesn’t end when a sale has been made. The nurturing process continues well after the first purchase to keep the client interested in pursuing your business for future buys. Marketing Automation technology also comes equipped with an integrated CRM to keep all contacts organized and interactions in order.

Myth #5: Automated Marketing is Impersonal
Reality: Automated marketing can become somewhat impersonal if not executed in the right manner. Impersonal automated marketing is sending out mass emails to lists of unsegmented leads or an entire audience. That is the equivalent of throwing darts with your eyes closed. (Which is not safe, so don’t do it.) You don’t know where the email is going to land and who is going to see it. This is a sure fire way to wind up having your email domain blacklisted to SPAM. Again, avoid this at all costs!

It’s the company’s job to be sure to create buyer personas based off of their ideal client (we know that’s a unicorn in itself) but it’s how you begin the process. Marketing Automation has the capability to reach prospects in a very personalized manner with dynamic content based on the recipient’s location, interests or interactions with a company’s site, this is why it’s important to segment your audience. Emails can also be sent from the lead owner, even when automated, to look as though it came directly from the desk of any one of your salespeople.

Do You See the Unicorn?

Are you guilty of using any of these myths for reasons why you shouldn’t invest or even investigate Marketing Automation as a technology to advance your business? As a small company that actively uses Marketing Automation software to gather, nurture and convert leads to sales, we highly encourage you to look into it! You can even start by taking our free Marketing Automation Health Check to truly determine your business’ Marketing Automation readiness. We know you’ll be wowed!