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Are you ready for marketing automation? Take the Biznet Marketing Automation Health Check and find out.

Are you ready for marketing automation? Take the Biznet Marketing Automation Health Check and find out.

160x600Much has been written about marketing automation and all it can deliver.

The challenge is, there is no easy button for MA. The term itself is deceptive; there is nothing automatic about implementing a successful marketing automation program.

Adding to the challenge, many companies that are ideal candidates for MA have no way of knowing so. Conversely, companies that aren’t a good fit for MA have no way of knowing that, either.

Are you one of these? Do you wonder about your marketing automation readiness, but lack a way of knowing how to measure it?

If so, keep reading.

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

Here at Biznet, we make the analogy between personal health and marketing health.

In your own life, if you are thinking about embarking on a strenuous exercise program – running a marathon, for example – what do the experts recommend you do?

They say go see a doctor and get a health check.

At Biznet, we recommend the same for marketing automation. That’s why we’ve created the Biznet Marketing Automation Health Check. It’s unique among the industry.  It measures an organization’s wellness across a range of MA-related factors and returns a readiness score that can jump-start a company’s MA efforts.

What You Get in Return

Much as a medical health check probes for underlying reasons as well as hard data, our Health Check does the same, seeking to capture a company’s interests, willingness and capabilities for marketing automation.

In just a few minutes we’ll assess your readiness across a range of business operations — web, marketing and sales. In return, you will gain the security of knowing where you stand, along with:

  • An overall MA readiness score
  • Insights that can improve your digital marketing efforts
  • Access to Marketing Automation resources and experts

If you are curious about your marketing automation fitness, take the Biznet Marketing Automation Health Check.

It’s not life or death. But it could be the difference between success or failure.

Founded in 1994, Biznet is Michigan-based digital marketing agency whose mission is to help companies use internet technologies to maximize their digital ROI. Biznet provides consultation and implementation services across a range of digital initiatives, including marketing automation, web and mobile development, search, content and social marketing, and ecommerce. Using marketing automation, Biznet helps companies acquire and nurture qualified customers for a fraction of the cost over traditional methods.  For more information, contact us or call 248.560.9000

  • Greg Atkins

    Thanks for the health check. It brought to light some big issues we had been glossing over and provided a good framework for thinking about how best to improve our marketing efforts.

  • David Bain

    If you’re not satisfied with your website visitor conversion rates and
    your customer communication process is too much of a laborious, manual
    process then BizNet’s Marketing Automation checklist is the ideal place
    to start!