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Digital Marketing 2014: What to Watch For

Digital Marketing 2014: What to Watch For

Digital Marketing 2014With the year-end approaching, experts in the digital marketing space are coming out with their predictions for 2014. We took the time to cull together a few that we think are relevant, especially in light of trends that occurred during this past year.

Digital marketing trends to watch for in 2014:

  • Location-based Marketing
  • The Rise of Google+ and Other Social Media
  • Continued Importance of Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing and Short Story Telling
  • Retargeting

Location-Based Mobile Marketing
With mobile set to overtake the traditional desktop as the primary means of going online, location-based marketing will take on greater importance in 2014. The technology already exists to push messages to consumers based upon their geo-location. Marketers and providers of these services will fine-tune their efforts during the coming year. Those who succeed will find creative, engaging and useful ways to reach consumers with relevant messages that are not just timely, but are right in their backyard, so to speak.

Google+ and Other Social Media
It’s no longer just about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Other social media outlets are on the rise, like Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. The latter, especially, could grow in stature as Google continues to reward Google+ users with more prominence and better displays in search engine results (We’ll discuss the advantages Google+ provides to search marketers in an upcoming blog post.)  Look to see more paid advertising on these other social outlets, too, as their owners refine the ways to mine the many pieces of data they have at their disposal to help advertiser shape targeted messages.

Continued Importance of Content Marketing
With each passing update made to its search algorithm – Hummingbird being the latest – Google continues to reinforce the importance of fresh and relevant content. The search engine giant seems intent on punishing those who use scraped content, old content, repurposed content and plain-old uninteresting content.  Some observers have the appearance in search results of content that, on the surface, shouldn’t rank as high as it does, in light of the competition. They suspect that Google is keeping tabs on new vs. stale and interesting vs. uninteresting content and rewarding those who generate content that keeps readers coming back for more. With the ever-increasing rise in social media – and the need to keep those outlets updated and fresh — content creation continues to be an important trend in 2014.

Video Marketing and Short Storytelling
We combine these because they are becoming two sides of the same coin. Video has long been touted as an effective means of storytelling. What’s new is short video. Services like vine, with its six-second limit, and Tout, with its 15-second cap, are forcing video makers to tell their stories in creative, bite-sized pieces. (We foresee of a day serialized, six-second clips stitched together to tell a longer story.)

Web writers have long known to keep their writing short, succinct and scannable. But the same kind of hyper-short approach that is taking over the online video world could make its way into web writing, in a way different than just Tweets.

Marketers looking to convert web traffic are turning to remarketing. First time visitors to business websites mostly do not become customers. It’s estimated that first visits only result in 2 percent of the conversions. Retargeting is therefore emerging as a very essential element of digital marketing. Remarketing basically helps marketers target potential customers who visited their site but failed to convert. It helps them display their products or services on websites they may potentially visit.

There’s a lot more that will happen in digital marketing  in 2014 than what we’ve covered here, of course. We’ll  be sure to keep an eye on things and provide insights as best we can throughout the coming year.