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Digital Marketing on a Desert Island

Digital Marketing on a Desert Island

Desert Island

Let’s say you were on a desert island.  You have a thriving company, and are fortunate enough to work from any location.

You choose an island for the beauty of the area and the peaceful surroundings.

You want to scale back on the amount of information you are receiving via email, RSS feeds, subscriptions and so forth.  You decide that you will choose 5 websites to get all of the information you need to tackle all areas of your business.  What sites would you choose?

We took this challenge and came up with 5 sites that would cover the information we were looking for. Our choices were based on finding websites that provide the following:

  • Latest business trends
  • Social media
  • Digital marketing
  • Tech news
  • Content management
  • Sales tools
  • Statistics and analytics

Our choices for Best Websites for Digital Marketers

  1. MashableHere you will find information on all areas of business.  Mashable covers social media, tech, business and what is trending worldwide.  With over 34 million monthly visitors, Mashable has become a leading source of digital information throughout the world.
  2. TechCrunchA leading authority on information technology, they are a guiding force in statistical resources.  TechCrunch keeps you up to date on the latest startups, breaking tech news and reviews of internet products.  Founded in 2005, TechCrunch holds conferences, has award programs and hosts meet-ups worldwide.
  3. Inc.This site gives you everything you need to know to start and grow your business.  Inc. is invaluable for entrepreneurs and business owners with topics ranging from sales skills to marketing and social media trends.
  4. Ad AgeAlso known as Advertising Age, is a trusted news source for digital marketers.  AdAge covers all the most important topics such as advertising, CMO strategy, data-driven marketing and social media.
  5. MarketingProfs – “Real world education for the modern marketer,” is the way Marketing Profs describes themselves.  This site has vast quantities of information on anything and everything marketing related.

The point of the exercise above is there are vast amounts of information that can be sorted through on the web.  Much of what is found is of poor quality or lacks the exact information you are looking for.

What if there was a company you could reach out to that could help you target the content you needed so that you could spend that same time on the more important matters of running your business?

Whether you are a marketing professional, content writer or advertiser, the type of content that you need has to be about the business of marketing.  You need to connect to sites that feature like-minded individuals, give you information on the latest advances, and suggest the best tools to make life easier.

Biznet is a full service web-based solutions and marketing company.  With a focus on ROI, Biznet puts their knowledge and resources to work for you.  Why not contact Biznet today and see how we can help you. Contact Biznet to learn more or call 248.560.9000.