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Don’t be a Hack When it Comes to Cyber Hacking

Don’t be a Hack When it Comes to Cyber Hacking

Are you at Risk for Cyber Hacking?

You never think it will happen to you . . . until it does.  While you’re absent, a masked man breaks into your home and now hasCyber Hacking access to your personal belongings, information, and even your family. They have your life at their fingertips. Now what if I told you I was actually referring to cyber hacking? In addition to having personal belongings and information stolen lets add credit cards, passwords, and customers.  Cyber hacking is a real danger for businesses and can be disastrous.

In the last 40 years hackers have gone from geek to chic in a big way with increasing numbers of cyber attacks on businesses. A forced entry into your website is just as dangerous as a physical break-in to your home or business. Clients, employees, and your brand’s image will all be effected from cyber hacking. With few cyber hackers ever being caught, it is imperative for you to take measures to safeguard your lively hood against cyber hacking.

Keep your company safe with these 3 steps to protect against and clean up cyber hacking:

  1. Implement and update your content management system (CMS)
  2. Increase Password Security
  3. Update your Insurance policy

Fight Virtual Hacking with an Updated CMS

I’m sure you’ve heard about the CMS powered websites that have been hacked in recent years. These occurrences may have you feeling suspicious of the performance of these platforms. But if someone broke into your house, would it be because the whole house wasn’t secure or that one lock should have been replaced a long time ago? Out of date plug-ins are the leading cause of CMS powered websites getting hacked. You don’t want to leave your customers exposed. Fight for the safety of your business and your clientele by:

  • Applying an auto upgrade feature to your CMS to keep plug-ins up to date
  • Keeping your system and theme updated for increased security
  • Developing customized plugins that dramatically decrease the chance of a successful violation of your website

It’s time to ask yourself, is your website going to be the next victim of cyber-hacking? Or are you going to take the right steps to protect your digital presence. Don’t wait for something bad to happen. The time to be proactive is now.

Protect your Password from Viral Hacking

Open sesame, if your password is that easy to get past then it’s time to pump up security. While creating a better password is basic it’s also one of the most overlooked preventative measures. Often, when you create a password it is one of two things, easy and relatable so you will remember it or so complicated that you have to write it down. Both of these types of passwords give hackers an opening for them to access your business. You have the power to keep your business from being violated. Start increasing your password security by:

  • Changing your password every 90 days
  • Create a password with 8 or more characters
  • Use a variety of uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Use two or more symbols
  • Avoid using proceeding letters or numbers

While trust is a wonderful thing that you should always cherish with the people you love, cyber hacking isn’t a faceless crime, there’s a person behind it. Don’t endanger your website by picking a password friends or family members could easily guess in less than five tries. If you have the choice of using image cues to spark your memory for more complicated passwords, do it.

We have seen cases of large companies being victims of hacking but the reality of it is small businesses are often targets for hackers. Your business is an extension of yourself and needs to have basic measures taken to protect it. It should never be out of your control, but it can be when someone hacks your password. Don’t become a cyber hackers next victim. Maintain control and freedom by putting in the time and effort needed to keep your business safe.

Insure your Safety from Virtual Hacking with Insurance

You’ve discovered your website has been hacked. People you don’t know have taken control of your virtual presence and have gathered sensitive data. We know how horrifying it can be to discover you no longer control your site, the very tool that represents your company. Insure that you are covered by:

  • Updating your business’s insurance to include a guarantee that will pay for fiscal damages that came as a result of hacking
  • Acquire a website management team to keep track of your website’s safety and cover any time costs to fix problems caused by cyber-hacking

Hacking can ruin your digital presence and become a PR disaster. The hijacking of your brand could lead to a variety of actions that devalues your business. At Biznet we have seen clients undergo situations where their websites have been contaminated with links that took away authority from their company. You don’t have to feel unprotected any longer. Guarantee your fiscal and digital future by upgrading your protection now.

Empower your business with preventative measures today and learn how Biznet can make your business cyber resilient.

  • David Robbins

    Sage advice Kevin. We carry so much more vital information around with us, embedded in social media, and it’s so easy to just access these assets by checking that box that says “Keep me logged in”. In a sense that is like leaving your home with the side door open.