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Google Seeking to Gain More Local, Mobile Ad Presence with Newest Upgrade to Google Adwords

With the recent news of an update to the Google Adwords platform, “Enhanced Campaigns”, Google aims to help advertisers target consumers more efficiently through a single campaign. Ads will soon be able to be based on target location, device type and time of day.

Local, Local, Local

With the Google Enhanced features and options now available to some of its customers to try out, we can begin to see who exactly these upgrades will help: Local businesses. Local businesses will now be able to employ a variety of options into their campaigns that will help their ad appear above national advertisers, the first being with their budget management. The new upgrade will allow local business to increase bids based on location or device, so you can now target a customer that is within a certain distance or uses a specific device, and increase the price of that specific bid.

The next feature that will be helpful for local businesses is that ads can now be designed to maximize the potential click, visit or call from a customer by determining what type of device the ad will be shown on. This will allow the advertiser to have a variety of ads that could allow for a click to call option, download their app or promote a video from YouTube. Imagine for example, a mobile ad specialized to show off a recent YouTube video for a restaurant in which it was reviewed by a local food critic.

Another feature of the Enhanced campaigns update is the ability to schedule when and where your ad extensions show up. This will allow small local businesses who do not have a support person or salesperson available 24/7 to hide their phone number when the business is closed.  This will also open up the opportunity to highlight/close special sales that are only running for a limited amount of time.

Now is the Time to Get Your Feet Wet

What this new enhanced campaigns upgrade to the Google Adwords platform means for local businesses means that ability to better compete with their national competitors in mobile search results, and with 38% of our daily media interactions being on a smartphone, and that number expecting only to rise, now may be the perfect opportunity to begin experimenting with Google Adwords for a local business.

Imagine a local business that not only begins working with Google Adwords, but starts to work in these new features into their campaigns. They will be able to create more foot traffic to their stores, offer up a variety of unique ads to their customers to see what works best and also highlight unique sales and specials that will help to lure new visitors into their stores.