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Having Trouble With SEO? Get Social With It

Having Trouble With SEO? Get Social With It

seo-and-socialAccording to a recent study conducted by marketing research firm Ascend2, businesses that incorporate social media with their SEO strategy and tactics are more successful in their overall SEO plan than those who do not. This survey helps to cement the idea that social media is in fact starting to play a large part in Google and Bing algorithms in terms of when and where a company shows up in search engine results. As companies take a look at their overall SEO and social media strategies and tactics, it is important that they have a clear plan as to what they want to accomplish and determine how they are going to do it. So what are some ways that a business can integrate social media into their marketing efforts?

Create and Share Interesting Content

Companies that create interesting, fun and creative content for their followers and fans are opening up the opportunity for their content to be shared, liked, commented on and potentially go viral. All of these things are great in turn for their SEO. By regularly developing and publishing this type of content company’s can help to also improve their social media followers and links within the search engine results pages as well. Content that is shared on social media profiles often times ranks very well within search engines.

Build Trust

Gone are the days where a business can create fake check-ins and customer reviews on their Yelp  or Google Places page. Google and Bing have begun penalizing these businesses once it has been determined that they are in fact fake reviews or check-ins, but they are not the only ones. Consumers are smart to this move as well, and therefore any company looking to gain a prospective new client or customer should avoid any reputation management company that offers these services. Instead, companies should ask for reviews from clients and send them to their respective social media profiles or Google Places listings.

Continually Evolve Your Approach

Just like how the invention of the internet changed the landscape of the advertising and marketing world, so is social media changing the landscape of SEO. No longer can a company create a Facebook profile or Twitter page and let it sit idle. In order for a company to truly reap the benefits of these pages they must interact, share and comment. Continually doing so will not only help build a base of loyal followers and fans, but also improve search rankings within Google and Bing.

Network, Network, Network

With the creation of social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, networking has taken on a whole new meaning. Where in the past individuals would meet new connections through face to face meetings and conferences, people can now simply check out a person’s profile, twitter feed or see that they joined a similar group and click “connect” and they are almost instantly connected, without even a firm handshake taking place. Helping to build a community of people that share common interests with your company in the online and social media world can reap great benefits for a company in terms of SEO. Content can be shared, liked and commented on by trustworthy people, Facebook profiles will appear higher in search rankings, new connections can be made and so forth. Networking in the social media age can be as simple as adding/engaging with a new person on Twitter, joining a group on Linkedin, or “Liking” and commenting on a business’s page on Facebook.

Working these social media marketing efforts into an overall SEO strategy will not only help to improve a company’s overall SEO, but will also help to find out what customers like and want to see more of, and in turn, allow you to come up with more fresh, relevant content that customers will share with others.