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How You Can Begin to Market For the Future of Google Now

Google Now, which debuted in 2012 on Android mobile phone using the Jelly Bean OS, is a personal assistant for the user; much like Siri is for the Apple iOS system, the similarities end there however. Whereas Siri is only available on Apple iOS compatible devices, Google Now is now offered on both platforms via an application in the Apple App Store. Along with this, Google Now also will passively offer up information on things the user may want based on their previous search habits (although only currently limited to weather, flight plans and a few other things). Based on what Google search has done in the past few years, we can begin to see where and what marketers should do to stay on top of this search engine optimization format.

Maintain and Upkeep Directories and Social Profiles

Do you have all of your businesses social profiles and directory pages updated with the correct contact information and keywords? If not, you are sending mixed messages to search engines and in turn to your customers. This will lead to Google presenting old or closed business locations to potential customers. With Google Now available on more smartphones, and Google being the trusted search engine with over 65% of the share of searches done today, it is important that businesses both small and large regularly keep their directory pages and social profiles updated with relevant content, keywords and contact information in order to help their chances of appearing in the Google Now preference searches that are sure to come.

Get Involved With Your Google Pages

Google Places, Google+, Business Pages, how familiar are you and your business with these pages? If not at all, I suggest that you become acquainted with them as soon as possible. These pages, if optimized and updated correctly, will help your business get recognized by Google and help improve the number of links you have within the search engine results pages of your current and potential customers. With Google Now only offering up certain “pages” or “tabs” on users phones, you can rest assure that in the future local restaurants reviews, business pages and social profiles will be shown to the burgeoning foodie, or maybe a popular fashion shop Google+ page or Google Places listing to a fashion student looking for new ideas and outfits.

Begin or Continue Creating User Relevant Content

Once Google Now begins broadening and offering up options and information to the users, and with customers no longer needing to type in what they are looking for, keyword rich, relevant content will become even more of a player in how you get in front of your users eyes than it is today, courtesy of Google Now.

With over 48% of U.S. mobile users accessing local content on their smartphone or tablet, and the creation of intelligent personal assistant applications such as Google Now and Siri, it is important to understand who your audience is, what they like and what they search for, as this will not only help to increase their understanding of their customers, but help prepare them for the future, when Google Now and Siri begin to offer up options based on these factors.