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Is a Mobile App or Mobile Site Right For My Business?

Mobile App Vs. Mobile WebIn today’s world customers are ditching their desktop and laptop computers in favor of mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet. Whether you choose to believe this is up to you, but the numbers speak for themselves. With the average consumer spending over 2 hours on a mobile device through the day and 82% of that time spent on mobile apps, it is important to enter into the mobile marketing space, whether through a custom branded mobile app or responsive design mobile site.

Mobile Apps – Engaging, Purpose Driven and Optimized

If a company is looking for ways to engage their customers in an easy-to-use format via mobile devices, then a mobile app may be right for them.  Mobile apps allow the customer to contact a business via one or two taps on their screen whereas contacting a business on a mobile website may include searching for the website, scrolling through the page to find the “Contact Us” page and then finally clicking on the phone number or email address. In today’s fast pace world, customers are looking for the fastest possible way to connect with companies, and a mobile app can be built specifically for this. Mobile apps can also be built to serve a unique purpose, such as creating reports or social engagement. Whereas mobile websites only allow for a very limited amount of interactivity, mobile apps can allow for easier customer service communications and social engagement, creating complex reports, or allowing for personalization of the app itself. On top of this, mobile apps are already optimized for mobile devices, something that a mobile website cannot fully copy casino yet in terms of design.

Mobile Websites – Affordable and Dependable and Limited

Mobile websites allow businesses to essentially take their current website and format it into a mobile-friendly layout. While the cost of a mobile website can vary widely based on designs and goals, it can be said that a mobile website is a dependable form of marketing once it is live. Small changes or updates can be made rather quickly, whereas a change to mobile apps can often take a day or two to be made, based on the devices and app stores that they go through.  Although all these things may seem to push businesses towards a mobile website, it should be noted that mobile websites may also lead to a limited or poor user experience, given the designs and layouts that are chosen. Where a rich design and layout of a mobile app will appear quickly on a user’s screen, a rich design and layout for a mobile website may lead to slower loading times for a customer based on their phone and internet accessibility.

When looking at a mobile marketing strategy, it is important to look at these two options as viable opportunities for a business as they relate to goals and objectives that the business is looking to achieve. Once goals and objectives have been made, a clearer understanding of which option can be made. While the choice can be hard, there is one option that is not hard to agree upon, and that is businesses can no longer ignore a mobile marketing strategy.