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Marketing Automation Can Make Your Brand More Human

Marketing Automation Can Make Your Brand More Human

Creating a Connection with Marketing Automationmarketing automation

We live in an era where people have content thrown at them from every direction. To get through this wall of information, it’s important that companies create a human message that connects with the consumers. Automation can be a great option for many businesses, as long as it’s used correctly. People don’t want to read something that sounds like a robot wrote it or a machine made it. Creating a personalized experience through human elements allows you to avoid this problem. This is especially important with marketing automation where you’re communicating directly with customers. Today’s younger audience doesn’t want to be sold to, but interacted with instead so they feel like they’re part of the process. While this can be a difficult thing to accomplish, it’s worth it in the long run. To help you get started, we outlined the various ways marketing automation can help you compete in the human era.

Using Marketing Automation to Create Relationships

Marketing automation is a valuable tool for creating relationships with customers. It helps determine which part of your marketing strategy is working and which parts need to be altered, while simultaneously solving consumer’s problems and learning how to meet their needs. However, this information doesn’t come easy. In order to create a human-to-human experience, you have to start by getting to know your customers.

  1. The Introduction

It’s hard to effectively communicate with someone without knowing who they are, their interests, their needs, and their pain points. Online forms and gated content on your site can help gather customer demographic and psychographic information.

  1. Starting a Conversation

Knowing who your customers are and what they want helps establish a familiarity that translates into a more natural, or human form of communication. Creating buyer personas of your target market provides your company with the means to tailor your strategy to acquire these customers in the future.

  1. Establishing a Relationship

Once you’ve been introduced and have created a conversation, the final step is to establish a relationship with your customers. Marketing automation allows you to get to know them by tracking your customers’ page visits, links clicked, and emails opened to fully understand their wants and needs. This information then allows you to create personalized messages that engage your audience and won’t be ignored. Your company can tailor these messages to help guide the customers through the sales process, ultimately leading them to the purchase point.

Maintaining the Human Element for the Long Term

Marketing Automation can be a valuable tool for humanizing your brand, if there’s a balance. It’s critical that you don’t get too caught up on the automation side that you forget about the marketing aspects that are equally, if not more, important. Keeping the human element in your Marketing Automation will make consumers more willing to engage with your brand. Biznet Digital understands the value that Marketing Automation offers companies. Check out our Marketing Automation page to learn more about how to make your brand more human.