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Mobile Apps and Customer Service are a Customers and Business’s One Touch Resolution to Problems

Mobile Apps and Customer Service are a Customers and Business’s One Touch Resolution to Problems

customer service mobile appAs customers move towards mobile devices for quicker responses and solutions to questions such as “How to repair a bike?” and “How do I fix my flat tire?”, it is important that businesses realize the ultimate potential that a mobile app may have for customer service and helping to build customer relationships. A mobile app centered on customer service will help to ensure that the customer comes to a business’s app first, instead of relying on potentially harmful forums or blogs for solutions to their problems. How should a company go about implementing such an app? Consider the following when deciding if a customer service mobile app is right for your business.

Are Clients Using Mobile Apps?

In short, yes. With 4 of every 5 minutes on mobile devices being taken up by some form of mobile app, businesses can rest assured knowing that customers do in fact use mobile apps. Using this information, we can see that customers use a wide range of mobile apps, from games to social media to health application, and by creating a mobile app that will effectively engage the client using these services a business is helping to create a positive mobile image and relationship with customers.

Have Something to Share?

Integrating social media channels into a business’s customer service mobile app can help to relieve the stress of both the business and its customer service support by streamlining where questions and concerns are answered. Using the mobile app, a customer would be able  quickly interact with the business via verified social media outlets that the company has allowed on the app itself, eliminating the possible chances of a concerned customer trying to interact with an unverified Twitter handle or Facebook page. This will also allow the business itself to create a communication channel that will allow them to share news, press releases, and other pieces of information that may be valuable to the customers.

Collecting Data, Feedback and Customer Data

With more and more customers using mobile devices, a customer service mobile app can help a business to identify areas where there customer service may need work. By creating simple surveys and questionnaires that can be filled out by the customer in the app, a business can begin to transform the way their customer service processes orders and complaints. This in turn can help to streamline the process and help ease customer anxiety and build-up customer relationships.

A customer service mobile app may not be right for every business, but it is important to at least consider the idea of having one available for customers. With more and more channels becoming available for customers to vent their problems on and the potential of these concerns going unanswered, businesses need to realize that a custom mobile app can create a branded, verified way for customers to reach a business in a few quick taps on the screen of their mobile device and receive help and support immediately.