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Why Do You Believe Those PPC Myths?

Many companies and marketers are afraid of paid search, also known as sponsored search or pay-per-click marketing. However, this fear originates from myths that haven’t been proven true. In fact, many of these myths can easily be demystified with a little logic. So why do you still believe those PPC myths?

John W. Ellis, online marketer and blogger, discussed some PPC myths on his blog and opened the eyes of many online marketers. Here are some myths he argues can be eliminated from the pay-per-click marketing world without worry; and everyone here at Biznet agrees.

1. PPC Ads Are Ignored
You know those ads. The ones that are placed above, and on the side of, the organic search results. Many people think that consumers ignore those ads! All Ellis has to say is “clearly someone is clicking on these ads.” Google is making a ton of money from PPC advertisement. There are multiple businesses investing large amounts of money into PPC campaigns. The return is there. As long as you target an audience relevant to your offerings, the ads won’t be ignored.

2. Paid Traffic Gets Less Clicks Than Organic
It is true that natural traffic can generate more clicks than paid traffic. However, the clicks generated by paid traffic often make more revenue for the company because that traffic can be directed to the best opportunities and pages on the website. A combination of organic and paid search efforts is a one-two punch in online marketing.

3. PPC Advertising is Expensive
Yes, you have to pay per click and it may be intimidating to see that number grow with every click your ads receive. However, Ellis says that “PPC is the best value across all marketing channels.” Heck, you can even set a maximum budget so you don’t have to spend more than you’re comfortable with. PPC is flexible.

If you find that some keywords are too expensive, then you can work harder to identify a niche in the market where your company fits perfectly and re-define your keywords. You can change the amount of keywords you bid on to become even more target-specific and money-efficient. The possibilities are endless.

Take the time to create an optimized PPC campaign that will target the most relevant traffic available. If you hire someone else to create your campaign, make sure they know what they’re doing. (We know what we’re doing at Biznet). When you do this, all the myths about paid search will melt away and you may begin seeing a great ROI before you know it.

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