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Save Your Business Time and Build Efficiency With A Custom Mobile App

Almost everyone today owns a smartphone, and according to Morgan Stanley, 91% of all smartphone users keep their phones beside them 24 hours a day, and most of those people are checking their smartphones for calls, texts, and emails at least once an hour! So why have businesses that have not developed a mobile application done so already? Below are a couple of reasons on why having a custom mobile application for your business will not only help to save you and your customer’s time, but also help to build efficiency within the workplace.

Constant Brand Presence

This is something that businesses are always looking to achieve and they don’t realize that the answer is in their pocket or on the table in front of them. A mobile application for your business is always prominently displayed on a user’s smartphone, and can be filled with literally anything you want to share with the customer. A great example is the CVS Pharmacy app. This app allows its customers to find a nearby store, use digital coupons to save money and can scan your prescriptions barcode to have your medications filled. On the user interface side of this application, CVS has created a great, easy to use application that helps customers save time and money through the use of digital coupons and the phones ability to scan barcodes to fill prescriptions. On the business side, prescriptions can now be sent in via the app rather than a phone conversation, opening up time for employees to do other things, and also gives the stores customer information on which coupons are the most used/scanned. A mobile application such as this creates a sense of trust and reliability amongst customers and a business, and in turn creates customer loyalty.

Manage Your Business 24/7

With a mobile device that has your custom mobile application loaded onto it, you can essentially manage your business 24/7, if need be. If you have a workforce that is constantly out of the office due to business, but are in need of constantly checking statuses of shipments and so forth, a custom mobile application would be the perfect way for the employees to stay up to date on all of their orders. Not only that, but it could also allow for a one click call to a supplier or customer to update them on a missed shipment or change in order. The ability for your workforce to manage the business 24/7 via their mobile device would allow for better customer/supplier relationships, as well as the ability to ensure that all shipments and deliveries are on time.

Creating a mobile application that fits your businesses needs can be a challenge if you do not know what you want to achieve with the application in the first place. Better customer service/communication? Better efficiency within the workplace? Better brand presence amongst competitors? These are the types of questions a business owner should ask themselves before deciding on a custom mobile application. In the end, a custom mobile application that was well thought out and designed correctly will help you to not only answer these questions and accomplish the goals that you set for it, but also help build efficiency and save employees and customers time.