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Secure in Southfield?

A high rate of crime

With around 86% of the Southfield's population employed in white collar jobs – above the country average, this is a city of professionals including sales and office staff, as well as service providers. Approximately 17% of city residents work in administrative support, 10% in sales, and around 9% in management. It is interesting to note that there is a high concentration of residents who work in the fields of computers and mathematics – some 95% more than the rest of the country.

southfield crime rateHowever, the city also 'boasts' a rather high crime rate – higher than the national average in the United States. In terms of crimes per resident the rate is some 29 per thousand residents. FBI crime data shows that while Southfield is not one of the safest communities in the country, its crime rate is more than 85% higher than that of the state of Indiana's cities and towns.

When comparing the Southfield crime rate with similar sized communities across America it was found that it has an average rate of crime. This confirms that Southfield's crime rate is comparative to American cities of similar size. Statistically speaking,the results are no surprise.

When looking at property crimes in Southfield, it was found that the rate is 26 per thousand residents, so again an above average rate of property crime in comparison with similar sized US communities. It is important to note that property crimes include car theft, arson, burglary and personal theft. Accordingly, FBI data shows that Southfield has one of the highest rates of car theft in the United States, again in comparison with all sizes of communities.So your chance of losing a car to theft in Southfield is one in 270.

Your locksmith is your friend

That said, there are plenty of options to safeguard yourself, your family and your property. Locksmiths are not only there to cut your keys but also to provide security solutions, and at a very reasonable rate. According to the Urban Dictionary, "Locksmith" is a person who, for any consideration or compensation, engages, directly or indirectly and as a primary or secondary object, in the business of rekeying, installing, repairing, opening, modifying locks. It is a professional who originates keys for locks, including, but not limited to, the electronic cloning and programming of different types of keys and electronic operating devices, which can be, for example, key fobs, door and ignition key devices, as well as electronic and other types of high-security key technology. A "locksmith" does not, however, refer to a person whose activities are only the creation of a duplicate key from an existing key."  locksmith

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