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What is Marketing Automation?

Strictly speaking, marketing automation is a technology-driven, web-based approach to attracting, converting and retaining customers. Marketing automation is all about lead nurturing. It nurtures prospects with personalized messages sent at just the right time. This automated, targeted outreach converts prospects to customers and customers to repeat customers faster and more profitably than ever before. Marketing automation provides:

  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Shorter and faster sales cycles
  • Higher average selling prices
  • More predictable sales forecasts
  • Balanced Sales and Marketing efforts
  • Higher ROI from marketing and sales

Marketing automation turns lead nurturing into a science. Does it work? Well, one study shows that 63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation.

Why is Marketing Automation Needed?

Marketing automation is the next step in the web’s evolution as a lead generation tool. Actually, marketing automation is the first true step. Used to be, prospects called a company for product information. These days, they go online, do research, comparison shop – in many cases, anonymously, without ever contacting you. You know these people are out there, visiting your site. But how do you identify them? How do you reach them? Marketing automation lets you turn the digital relationship back into a personal relationship.

With marketing automation, you can:

  • Identify visitors to your website
  • Track their activity and engagement
  • Assign a lead score and know where they are in the sales cycle
  • Nurture them through the process
  • Communicate with them personally and effectively

Marketing automation is more than just a concept. It’s a proven approach that pays dividends. Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. Companies that implement marketing automation see increases in sales and revenue.

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing automation merges people, processes and technology. It combines digital marketing, customer relationship management and sales prospecting into a unified ecosystem. The raw ingredients of marketing automation are familiar. What’s unique is how they are woven into a whole whose sum is greater than its parts. The building blocks of marketing automation include:

  • Email messages and campaigns
  • Web site content
  • Web site landing pages
  • Prospect/Customer lists
  • Digital content (white papers, case studies, videos, etc.)
  • Lead scoring
  • A marketing automation platform

Why is Now the Time for Marketing Automation?

More than one quarter of Fortune 500 companies have implemented marketing automation. They are at the forefront of this proven marketing technique. As with any leading-edge business practice, the big players were first. But economies of scale are taking hold. Marketing automation is now within reach of any business, no matter the size or the industry or location. Experts predict that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human. Marketing automation puts you back in control of these relationships.

Why Biznet?

At Biznet, our experience and expertise make us the perfect partner. We can advise, guide, and implement marketing automation solutions. We have 20 years of digital marketing experience. We know customer relationship building. We know technology. Presently, there are 213 different marketing automation technology solutions on the market. We can help you make sense of this vast selection.

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