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Sozo Pivotal Interviews Kevin Krason on Marketing Automation

Sozo Pivotal Interviews Kevin Krason on Marketing Automation

“What is Marketing Automation?”

Dave Klonke, creative director of Sozo Pivotal, asked Kevin Krason, founder and CVO of Biznet Digital this very question.  Once he heard the explanation, Dave’s conclusion was that “Kevin Krason is one of the few digital marketers who Kevin Krasonactually has the correct answer.”

For over 20 years Biznet Digital has maximized business growth for their clients through the use of technology. Biznet was started in 1994, while Kevin was still working a full time corporate job. Since their founding in 1994, its business model has been evolving to keep up with the changing technological landscape. The original vision for Biznet has changed dramatically, starting as a local Internet service provider offering dial up access. Kevin recalls how they complimented that service by creating some of the most awful websites ever seen. But of course whose weren’t awful in 1995?

As broadband became widely available, Biznet adapted and started doing complex software development and web-based applications. Since then, Biznet have developed content management systems, ecommerce platforms, mobile apps, and much more before finding their true calling – Marketing Automation.

Not many companies specialize in marketing automation. Biznet goes beyond regular digital marketing companies by not only using MA but understanding how to use to.  Lead nurturing is a part of marketing automation and represents its core value. In its simplest form, MA manages the time between a prospects first awareness through to a purchase. Its integrative approach allows Biznet to determine which marketing tactics and campaigns work best to focus their efforts. With every action from first click to purchase being collected and analyzed, knowledge of the buyer is better than ever before. This allows Biznet to sell more with each interaction. Kevin believes that anywhere a buyer is going to do some research before making a purchase, MA is applicable.

For a company to be successful at MA, Kevin listed out 6 essential components.

  1. Good products and services
  2. A clearly defined marketing plan
  3. Commitment to its success
  4. Progressive thinking
  5. Support from the executive team, sales and marketing
  6. Lots of content

Looking toward the future, Kevin knows that proven ROI is the way marketing is headed. John Wannamaker’s famous quote “50% of my advertising is wasted, the problem is I don’t know which half” will no longer be an issue for businesses.

Outside of work, Kevin keeps refreshed by listening to music. “I like getting to a concert every couple of weeks to let loose. I also never stop learning and reading as much as I can in the areas of business strategy and digital marketing.”

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