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To Tweet or not to Tweet? That is the Question.

I get asked everyday “What is Twitter?” and “Why should I use it?”  Twitter is a micr-blogging website where users share tips, ideas, and personal experiences with their “Friends” (AKA followers.)  The message limit is 140 characters so notes are concise and frequently filled with hyperlinks to websites, blogs, etc.  I encourage everyone to find out more by visiting  I also found this video on YouTube that is worth a view:

Why should I use Twitter?  Ask ten people this question and you’ll get ten different answers.  Some use twitter to communicate with friends and family.  Others use it to meet new friends with similar interests.  Some use it as a messaging tool to reach large groups with a single note.  Many use Twitter to learn more about subjects of interest.  By following like minded people, you can share and review recommended links to webpages, blogs and more.

As an Internet Marketing professional, I use twitter to learn more about my industry.  The people I follow often share links to news and statistics that I find very helpful in growing my business.  I also share hot topics with my network which consists of friends, collegues and strangers.  I also use Twitter to strengthen my brand.  Every time I tweet, my business name is present.  I also share tips on Internet marketing trends. 

I believe that no one really cares if I “just took the dog for a walk” or am “having coffee at Starbucks”.  Instead, I seek to provide value to my network every time I can.  If I don’t have a useful note to share, I tweet an inspirational quote.  I measure my sucess by the number of times my followers “Retweet” my message, or share my tweet with their followers, crediting me as the source. 

Active Tweeters do not use the website to read and post messages.  Instead, they use custom applications that run on smart phones or the computer.  Tools like Twitterific, TweetDeck and Monitter provide unique advantages over the website.  For example, I can group my followers to make it easier to keep up with those I consider close friends.  I also know everytime someone tweets with my name in the message.  I can search through other’s tweets for topics of interest to me.  I can even geo-target my searches to find friends that are geographically close to me. 

Like it or not, Twitter use is growing rapidly and having a significant mark on the way the world communicates.  Signup for a free account at and be sure to follow me at @kevinbiznet!