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Why a Mobile Marketing Strategy is a MUST for your 2013 Marketing Budget

Why a Mobile Marketing Strategy is a MUST for your 2013 Marketing Budget

customer service mobile appMobile technology sales surpassed those of personal computers for the first time in 2012 and are expected to continually outperform personal computer sales for the foreseeable future, so what does this mean for your digital marketing strategy for 2013? Should you switch all of the digital marketing and advertising spend to focus on mobile? Should you completely throw out your current website design in favor of a mobile optimized site? Or should you simply just go the way of ignoring a mobile strategy until it is too late? Before you start to wring your hands and rattle your brain on what you should do, take a look at a few of the options that could help your business transition to the “mobile-friendly” marketing environment of 2013.

Recreate Your Website to be Desktop AND Mobile Friendly
Just recently Mashable, “a leading source of news, information and resources for the connected generation” as it calls itself, re-designed their website to be optimized for all internet accessible devices. They called it “Responsive Web Design”. This type of design uses “media queries” to figure out what the resolution is of the device its’ being served on and the site’s layout corresponds. Essentially this allows you to create one website that is readable across many casino online different types of screens. You can read the whole article on Mashable.

Mobile Search is not the Same as Regular Search
Another important change that can be implemented into your 2013 mobile strategy is how you work with mobile search for your business or clients. Mobile search is growing faster than desktop search and with this comes a need to quickly adapt your site for mobile search engine optimization. Mobile search is often local in nature and often the user only types in a word or short tail phrase to receive their results. It is important that your website reflect these changes in meta titles and descriptions.

Utilize What is Already Out There with Traditional Advertising
With the creation of mobile applications such as Shazam and QR codes and the many applications that support them, you can turn a TV commercial or print advertisement into a piece of your mobile marketing strategy that can help drive traffic to your website, participate in a promotion or boost sales. With over 1.4 million apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play combined, there may already be an app out there that can help you with your mobile marketing strategy for 2013.

In the end, it is important to look at all options that you have at your disposal for mobile marketing in order to figure out what your target demographic uses, interacts with and eventually, leads to your goals and objectives that you first set out to achieve. When looking at mobile marketing for the new year, don’t look at it as an obstacle, but rather look at it as a new opportunity to gain new knowledge and information about your target demographic that will transform not only how you market to them digitally, but also traditionally.