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Why You Need Social Media onYour Website Pt. 2

Our last blog presented the two suggestions on how to take advantage of the significant increase in mobile devices by utilizing social media to impact your website.

Briefly, the first two included:
(to read the entire blog, click here.)

  1. Communication – let your customers know what social media sites you are on.
  2. Provide for easy login and connection via social media sites.

Today’s blog will cover four more…

Become aware of how your customers interact via social media
Strategically designing a corporate website that complements any social media user’s experience must range from code to content to commerce.  It is no longer acceptable for a website to have stagnant, static content.  Variable content with feeds from social media, blog, category driven areas of the site, news and other feeds are now the rule, not the exception.  Biznet can easily create a website with variable types of feed content that is directed by the type of device used to access your website.  We caution developers to implement Facebook’s Open Graph and Twitter cards on a website in order to control the presentation of your website on social networks.  Utilizing this foresight in the early stages makes implementation easier.

Share your content without limits
Don’t frustrate your website visitor by refusing to allow the ability to share what they find interesting on your website.  Allow consumers to ‘like,’ ‘tweet,’ or ‘pin’ specific content right from the page they are viewing.  Biznet agrees that it is essential to embed the ability to share on all content pages.  Don’t forget to add social sharing buttons next to the item picture so that users can easily share.

Allow for reviews to be incorporated from Facebook and others
One suggestion to increase conversion rates is to create a “testimonial” tab on their Facebook page.  A feedback survey can be used to trigger the testimonial.  Keep in mind that this may lead to negative comments…  However, do not consider this to be a bad thing,  utilizing all feedback as a learning opportunity for your company can help improve customer service.

Tell your story in video and embed YouTube
The newest analytical trick is to include YouTube videos on as many pages of quality content as possible.  These pages typically rank better in search engines.  Content driven or creative videos also increase a visit’s time on your website and may improve conversion rates.

When it comes to the evolution of social media and web design, it no longer makes sense to invest in a company website if integration with social media networks is not optimized.  Ignoring social media can lead to a loss of clients, content sharing and amplification opportunities.

As always, the Biznet team continues to evolve and incorporate strategic anthropological skills to understand how and why people use their mobile devices, laptops, etc…  We focus on our clients’ business needs, continue to learn and grow with this ever changing industry known as “the Internet” so that visitors to our created websites can incorporate liking, sharing, commenting, pinning, etc.   We are always seeking new techniques to help create new and exciting ways to meet the expectations of targeted audiences who use social media.