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Will Google take over the world?

I imagine we could see a day when the only remaining globally available source of indexed information is Google. So what does that mean?The algorithm that decides which information is relevant, or found at the beginning of the results, is open to subjective opinion.Google’s mission – to do no evil – is in alignment with my fear.With control of how information is displayed and thus knowledge transferred, Google defines ‘good’ anyway they want.

Google would probably disagree with me.They’d say that the process for determining which information is relevant is dictated by math.While everything can be explained with math, I don’t agree that the best answer is always objective.My thoughts and decisions to this point in my life are at least in part, a product of my environment.What I know and believe is founded entirely upon this.It’s my perspective on everything.

So why is this important?Google, by action of omission, can effectively bury unpopular information with ease.The problem is that Google gets to decide what exactly is ‘unpopular’.This is also known as censorship.Are we eliminating the boundaries and breaking down barriers or are we just changing who is in control?

Fortunately, we have social media.Now everyone can share and be heard.There may be some obstacles that keep us from openly communicating with everyone like language, government censorship and Internet access but it will be truly difficult for any one entity to completely stop humans from sharing ideas somewhere.Good ideas are ground breaking and cannot be stopped.

I believe that the human race is common-izing.This is not be confused with communizing.Common-izing to me means that we are becoming more alike.Because the reach capabilities of every human being are increasing exponentially every day, it isn’t unrealistic to believe that we’ll evolve to a level of shared experience or values?This sounds something like ‘collective consciousness’.To really confuse the issue, let’s consider the concepts of evolution or god.Isn’t anything possible?Through love, anything is possible.If we can all understand one another at some basic level, maybe we can all love one another.