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Will Social Media Commonize the Human Race?

I’m a faith-filled man and I know where I’m going when I die but for those who live longer than I, the lives surrounding each other will take on similarities and intermingle. This is inevitable unless chemical properties prohibit mating (though in some species the male commits suicide immediately after mating and they are still here. – I made that up. I don’t know if it’s true.)

It’s just a matter of time. Given enough shaking, oil and water will intermingle and remain so-connected as long the motion continues. I think this is parallel to the human race. We test each other than retreat. Another bold attempt separates but rebounds to bring us closer. Language barriers are shrinking, global communication works flawlessly at the touch of a button.

Wars have been fought time and time again over boundaries and ideologies. Today, separation between country, religion and race is shrinking. Even a little as 20 years ago you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’d believe that we’d have a black president. Now I can share my doctrine with the world in a few minutes without bloodshed.

Social Networking is one force driving this evolution. Personal and professional thoughts can be self-published and shared with the world as simply as this blog post. If you want to learn more about me, simply “google” me. You’ll find a transcript of my recent life. For some people, online actives are so frequent that you can literally trace their every move.

The pace of change is increasing. Moore’s law states that the technology of integrated circuits, the brains of modern day computers, has and will double in capabilities each year. This trend has occurred for the last 60 years and is expected to continue. This technology is responsible for extending our ability to communicate with others around the globe in real-time and in mass.

Eventually, we’ll gravitate towards common beliefs and experiences, inevitably making us more similar. Working towards the common good, the world will become a better place. Friends will be friends of friends. Differences will still occur but be less often and less critical. Would it be nice to live in a world without war?

This begs to question whether men and women can have a perfect marriage — if relationships can be truly symbiotic. And next, what will the breakout be? Once communication is perfected, what will exist?