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3 Reasons Businesses Need Location-Based Marketing

3 Reasons Businesses Need Location-Based Marketing

Pushpin marking location on mapLocation-based marketing is not something that is brand new to advertisers and marketers, and yet very few effectively understand what it is and how it can be implemented within advertising or marketing campaigns that lead to higher conversion rates, better targeting and more data about consumers. Below are 3 reasons why every business should implement some type of location based marketing within their current or upcoming marketing campaign.

Location is the New Cookie
Just like how marketers gather information through the use of cookies left behind by visitors to sites, location data provides marketers valuable information about where a consumer is from, where they have been and where they may go next. With the help of algorithms, businesses can then begin to group consumers into behavioral and demographic segments for targeting within their next campaigns.

Competitors Already in the Game
In a recent forecast, mobile ad spending was expected to surge 95% in 2013. In total, this is an estimated jump that will account for almost 25% of total media spending this year. With the changes and updates made within Google Adwords to help create an easier and more reliable way to target mobile customers, businesses now have no need to worry about setting up completely new campaigns within Adwords. By simply checking off a box within Adwords, they now have mobile ads. Within the industry, businesses are already noticing lower costs for keywords when targeting mobile specifically, leading to higher visits and chances for conversions versus those businesses that target on desktop only devices. By utilizing location-based mobile ads, companies can reap the same benefit of a person looking on line as they would if a pamphlet was handed to them when walking by the store or business.

Location is Extending beyond Smartphones
The first device that pops up in anyone’s head when “location-based” is mentioned is usually a smartphone, and while this may be the major driver of all location-based data for the time begin, we need to look towards tablets and the ever changing technological landscape for the next smartphone. While it is imperative to have location-based ads targeted to smartphones and tablets, it is even more important to have those ads linking to the closest store or business. As more and more smartphone and tablet owners begin to use their device throughout the entire shopping process, businesses must create strong ads that help to engage their audiences while on the go in a mobile and location friendly design and interface.

While these are only a few of the reasons businesses need location-based marketing within their marketing strategies, it is important to also ensure that their web site is equally “location-friendly”. This means your site is optimized to be viewed on any type of device, whether mobile or desktop, and also allows for a satisfactory customer experience when it is viewed on their tablet, smartphone, or desktop, failure to do so can lead to lost conversions and customers.