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Content Marketing is Still King

Content Marketing is Still King

Why Use Content Marketing?

Content Marketing

The better question is why wouldn’t you use content Marketing? According to Forbes, 93% of B2B agencies now use content marketing, and for good reason. Quality content has been crowned king by Google. When dealing with the sea of Google searches, quality content is the only way to ensure visibility within organic searches and help achieve SEO. According to the article, How Much Content Do You Need For B2B SEO Success? “Almost three quarters (72%) of buyers planning to purchase began their research with Google.”

This is a great opportunity for your company to catch consumers at the beginning of the purchasing process and start a relationship. But with search results continuing to grow, the chance that your company will be found organically only goes down. An analysis of US shows that high ranked pages in organic searches have a few commonalities including comprehension of a topic, understandable language, quality content, and high word count. Content marketing helps achieve better organic search results by working with SEO to drive up a company’s visibility and client interaction with your page.

What is Optimized Content?

In 2015, optimize content has changed from what it once was. In order to optimize content a company needs to:

  • Write a higher number of sentences
  • Have relevant or similar wording instead of the same words
  • Have quality content
  • Input key words
  • Create SEO-centric content
  • Produce content on a regular basis
  • Include links
  • Keep content active on social media

If you have kept up with content marketing through 2014 and into 2015, then you know that the days of tricks involving key word stuffing, duplicate content, and link building are over with Google’s new algorithm updates. Although there are some ways to still build links by identifying websites that would benefit from your service and are highly relevant. But the best way to get traffic through a website or blog is with the use of authority and quality. These are the chief forms Google is using to pick and choose pages to bring into view. This means when your company is creating content they need to use terms that a majority of people are familiar with and would likely search. A general audience is also no longer practical, a specified demographic has to be focused on in order for your content to have an authoritative presence.

Although Google does like keywords, they have become picky about how many times you use them. By replacing words with synonyms in the body of your content you can have your page or blog place in a higher rank. This does not apply to headers or sub-headers where Google still loves seeing keywords.


ROI and Content Optimization

Hard work is not a word we like hearing but in order to truly merge content marketing with SEO that is exactly what must happen. The fact is, if it didn’t take effort no one would pay for it. Unlike Pay-Per-Click (PPC), content marketing tries to get a company’s image out into the world without paying for the top spot, but instead achieving it organically through key word placement and quality content.  Although you may have to hire someone to keep up with the work, and your investment won’t have immediate return, when your ROI does come in it will benefit your company immensely. In an article entitled Three Steps to Generating Higher ROI from Content Marketing, research shows that content marketing that employs educational resources are best for the ROI. The growth of traffic may take time but the work you put into your content will reflect the results.


Become Part of the Content Craze

As the marketing and sales industries can see, content marketing has become a must have for firms competing for viewership and leads. This is understandable since the article Content Marketing Education 57 Remarkable Content Facts cites that content marketing produces “three times as many leads per dollar as traditional marketing tactics.” As we head into second quarter 2015, it’s time to reengage interested parties by creating a continuous stream of engaging and authoritative content that helps your audience understand your company and what your business can offer. Content marketing can make your site a dependable resource for potential leads with a higher retention rate and be a mechanism for measuring activity when used successfully. The lasting value of content marketing makes it worth the time and effort that it demands. So the question is, do you know what your company’s digital content should look like? Biznet experts know and can assist you with your content needs today. Don’t miss out on obtaining quality content. Learn more by contacting us for a free no obligation consultation.