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Biznet Celebrates Its Kentico Gold Partner Status

Biznet Celebrates Its Kentico Gold Partner Status

Biznet Digital (Southfield, MI) is proud to announce that it is now recognized as a Kentico CMS Gold Certified Partner. This is the highest level of partnership that Kentico CMS offers, and is the current status of only 4 other companies throughout the state of Michigan.

Kentico Gold PartnerIn order to become a Gold Certified Partner you must accumulate a total of 300 points, have at least one Kentico-certified developer on staff, and have completed at least three websites using the CMS platform. The points are obtained by completing various activities such as launching Kentico CMS-based websites, submitting custom webparts to the Kentico Marketplace, and having Kentico-certified developers on staff.

Last month the Biznet team was excited to release a custom webpart to the Kentico Marketplace named “Tweetico”. This custom webpart allows developers to pull one or even multiple Twitter feeds into a website and then have them displayed for site visitors.

By employing a Gold Certified Partner, such as Biznet Digital, you can rest assured that you will be working with developers who have vast knowledge and expertise pertaining to Kentico CMS.

Biznet chose Kentico CMS as the platform for several of their clients’ websites not only for its strong, out of the box CMS system, but also for its customizable API and architecture.

“Our websites all require a strong content management solution, but also need custom features to support a client’s specific business needs”, said Steve Sanchez, Lead Application Developer.

“By using Kentico CMS, we are able to provide a high-end solution for managing content with support with workflow and content versioning. We are also able to incorporate extensive customization built on the platform so that the site content and interfaces, for authors, visitors, and developers, all feel like part of the same application, rather than something that has been patched in after the fact. This allows us to focus on adding the most value for our customers, rather than having to devote resources to building out the underlying framework or dealing with problematic integrations.”

Visit Biznet’s partner page in order to see examples of their work with Kentico CMS.