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BiznetIS Prepares Release of New Kentico Twitter Webpart

BiznetIS Prepares Release of New Kentico Twitter Webpart

Biznet Digital has nearly completed the development of a custom Kentico webpart which will be known as “Tweetico”. The project originally began as a custom function for a client’s site but quickly progressed into a much bigger vision.

TweeticoTweetico is expected to be available for download by the end of June. The developers believe that its unique features will quickly set it apart from the others. Unlike those webparts, this one binds the data from one or even multiple Twitter feeds to a Kentico repeater. This solution will allow the use of custom transformations in order to fully customize the look and display of the tweets – something never seen before in Kentico.

Tweetico will be beneficial for any company whose website is built on the Kentico platform and is interested in displaying either a single user’s tweet(s), or an entire group or department’s tweet(s). It also provides the ability to set the number of tweets shown.

“We’re very excited to supply this webpart to the Kentico community. We’ve used a couple webparts that have been on the marketplace, and it’s nice to have the opportunity to give back. We already have a couple suggestions for how to improve it, and we look forward to doing so,” Cody Jackson, one of the developers who worked on the webpart said.

Stay tuned for more news from Biznet announcing the official Tweetico release.