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At Biznet we live and breathe modern-day marketing. We know what businesses need to succeed and the steps to get business in full gear. Marketing consists of a perpetually-changing atmosphere and its related technology is always transforming. That is why it is important to constantly be learning to if you want keep up with the new trends, technologies, and practices of marketing. Let us share our inside expert marketing and business knowledge insights with you through our valuable blog posts.

Secure in Southfield?

A high rate of crime With around 86% of the Southfield's population employed in white collar jobs – above the country average, this is a city of professionals including sales and office staff, as well as service providers. Approximately 17% of city...
Got Mobile?

Got Mobile?

It doesn’t take an expert to see the growth that is occurring in the mobile space.  Smartphone usage continues to increase rapidly worldwide.  According to Nielsen, in March 2012, 50.4 % of U.S consumers have a smartphone.  This is up from 35% just one year...


Is Search Engine Optimization Dead???  It appears this question is resurrected every time Google does a major tweak to their search algorithms.  Major algorithm changes happen every few months and minor tweaks occur as often as 500-600 times per year. The recent noise...