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Having Trouble With SEO? Get Social With It

Having Trouble With SEO? Get Social With It

According to a recent study conducted by marketing research firm Ascend2, businesses that incorporate social media with their SEO strategy and tactics are more successful in their overall SEO plan than those who do not. This survey helps to cement the idea that social...

Why You Need Social Media onYour Website Pt. 2

Our last blog presented the two suggestions on how to take advantage of the significant increase in mobile devices by utilizing social media to impact your website. Briefly, the first two included: (to read the entire blog, click here.) Communication – let your...

Why You Need Social Media on Your Website

The impact of social media on Web design is becoming hard to ignore.  When you consider the dramatic increase in mobile devices, it is not surprising to accept that fewer people experience a company’s brand on their website.  Doing research and accessing company...
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