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Changing a Negative Image Using the Internet

As a company, institute, or organization, is it possible to change a negative image using the internet, social media or your website?Can you ever remove or change a negative image once it is out there digitally?Luckily, the answer is yes.A fraud is easily detected so you must be genuine.A negative image that is derived from one of two sources, an inaccurate perception or an unhappy client/customer, will be addressed.

A negative image can arise from an older or incorrect image that is not in synch with the current state of your company.This is a matter of poor public relations.It’s time to get out there, and do some serious work.Identify who you really are, use all digital avenues available, be specific and back it up with facts and details;

·How long you have been doing the positive activities you claim?

·How much money have you invested?

·What articles (syndicated or published), books, seminars, patents, products have you generated?

·What leadership roles have you taken?

·What awards or external sources of recognition have you received?

The other source of a negative image may be a dissatisfied customer review.Let the web visitor see the good feedback and the bad.Do not filter out your negative reviews.The web visitor is not stupid and can tell the difference between an occasional bad instance, a pervasive problem, or a ranting lunatic that should be dismissed.Embrace this as an opportunity to demonstrate your dedication to your customer.Acknowledge the feedback, and detail how your company;

·Provided incredible customer service

·Identified and corrected the root cause of the problem

·Improved a product or process that was substandard

Show the visitor the details of your efforts, include minor setbacks, it makes your experience real and valuable.Your organization’s consistent actions will demonstrate your credibility and integrity, improving your digital image.It’s not enough to get the message out, but that it is also has to be seen by the right people. An experienced digital marketer knows the tools, understands the numbers, and knows how to maximize the virtual network to bring the right message to the right people.

About Sue Lochbiler

Sue Lochbiler is an enthusiastic website functional strategist and project lead.  Her ability to understand your business and website requirements comes from a portfolio of professional expertise, including international corporate website and software development, laser and satellite design, and conservation education.  Based in Wixom, Mich., Biznet Digital is a full-service Web solutions company, focusing on business and mobile Web sites, advertising agency support and Internet marketing, including search and social media marketing.