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Custom Webpart “Tweetico” Now Available to Kentico Community

Custom Webpart “Tweetico” Now Available to Kentico Community

Biznet Digital is proud to announce that Tweetico is now available for use by the Kentico community. This custom webpart will allow developers to pull one or even multiple Twitter feeds into a website and then have them displayed for site visitors.

TweeticoAt first glance Tweetico seems similar to other Twitter webparts on the market. However, thanks to the innovative work at Biznet Digital, Tweetico gives developers a new ability.

It’s no secret that Kentico developers are more than familiar with transformations. Keeping that in mind, Tweetico was designed to utilize both a default transformation and an alternating transformation for the display of each tweet. Therefore, fully integrating it into a website will allow developers to follow Kentico best practices while fully customizing the display of the Twitter feed.

Having the opportunity to participate and share in the Kentico community was always one of Biznet’s goals. “Biznet is happy to make a contribution to the Kentico developer community. We look forward to adding additional features to Tweetico in future releases, and are already planning additional social networking modules,” Steve Sanchez, Biznet’s lead developer commented.

Tweetico is free of charge and available for download through the Biznet Digital website at Keep your eyes and ears open for exciting Tweetico updates and more developments in the Kentico community.