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How to Sell Marketing Automation to Your Boss

How to Sell Marketing Automation to Your Boss

Turn Marketing Automation from “No” to “Yes”

Trust me when I say that I understand the allure of saying “no.”selling MA

Why does the word “no” have such an allure? Well, I can tell you it’s because the word “no” refutes any prospect of change that might rock the boat in any sort of way. That’s why cautious or conservative individuals, like many company executives are fond of the word “no.” Traditional executives know what has worked in the past, and can’t be sure that a new marketing tactic such as marketing automation will promise to be worth the investment. But to grow any business, risks have to be taken and marketing automation is a risk that promises impressive ROI.

The question is how will you convince your boss of this? The steps below will show you how.

  • Show a need for change
  • Communicate data
  • Research the details
  • Apply the value of the invest to the reality of your business

Prove the Value of Automated Marketing

“But everyone else is using marketing automation.”

That never worked on your parents, and it won’t work on your boss. Even if it’s true, facts always outweigh what you think your boss should do. This leads to possible steps in how to sell your boss on marketing automation.

Establish the Need for Change:

Everyone who commits to an investment or purchase has the same motivator, a need. By communicating that need to your boss, you start the process to him or her becoming open to the idea of marketing automation. Try displaying the changing marketing and sales landscape by:

  • Pointing out how the buying process has changed dramatically. The shift to online research has caused nearly 70% of the sales funnel to occur online before the buyer ever communicates with a business.
  • Bulk emails no longer work. A more personalized approach is necessary in forming meaningful relationships with prospects.
  • Explain that sales and marketing have become severely disconnected. A process to reconnect them in order to optimize the sales process and capture more sales is essential.
  • Show how digital outlets have reduced the impact of traditional marketing. In order to keep revenue improving you need a platform that integrates all digital marketing channels to work with one another and understand where your ROI is coming from.

Communicating Data First:

Strong outside data sources are much harder to argue with than you. Infuse your pitch with statistics such as:

  • 77% of CMO’s in top performing companies believe that increases revenue is the main reason for implementing marketing automation. (Gleanster)
  • Leads have a 20% increase in sales opportunities when nurtured over non-nurtured leads. (DemandGen Report)

These kinds of stats start to establish a baseline understanding of what marketing automation’s contributions can be. You provide an answer to the problem or need created in the first step by communicating that marketing automation is a revenue focused platform. It can bridge the gap between traditional marketing and the fundamental changes that have occurred.

Research the Details:

There are a great number of marketing automation platforms out there and not every platform is right for every business. Before presenting any examples to your boss make sure you’ve put in the research. Ask question such as:

  • Who is going to help you implement marketing automation?
  • What marketing pains do you want marketing automation to cure?
  • What is your timeline to buy and implement marketing automation?
  • Should you consider hiring a knowledgeable consulting firm to manage it?
  • How much would you want to spend?
  • What features are most valuable for your business?

By knowing the answers to these questions before you talk to your boss, you can better inform him/her when these questions arise. Figuring out whether it’s more sensible for the company to hire a marketing automation manager to work directly or a consulting firm to manage and implement it is just one of the many answers that could put your boss a little more at ease.

Apply Marketing Automation’s Value Directly to Your Business:

Your boss is most likely not an unreasonable person, but he/she can only make decisions off what they already know. Tie the data, research, and marketing automation system to your business’s already established goals. Context is a big decider when making decisions that require an investment. If you have a specific marketing automation platform in mind, most vendors have a free demo that they can show you or you can access online.

Is Your Business Ready for Marketing Automation?

Not all businesses are ready for marketing automation and it’s important to know if you are before investing. While marketing automation has the ability to deliver exceptional ROI, here at Biznet Digital, we believe that no business should get pulled into marketing automation before they have the proper tools to ensure success. Take our free marketing automation health check today to see how ready your business is to implement marketing automation.