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Improve Open Rates with Advanced Email Marketing Tactics

Improve Open Rates with Advanced Email Marketing Tactics

Are Your Email Marketing Tactics Paying Off?email marketing tactics

Email marketing is one of the more effective digital marketing channels. With email marketing, you have the ability to connect with prospects directly to begin building fulfilling relationships. But the problem is that many businesses have gotten complacent with email. Similar to any other marketing strategy, your business’s email marketing tactics need to evolve in order to keep up with growing trends and achieve success. By using outdated email tactics, your business won’t connect with prospects or achieve the desired ROI. It’s time to lose dead beat email tactics like:

• Buying email lists that only create increased spam
• Emailing everyone on a list and hoping for the best
• Attaching too many images
• Making emails more promotional than informative

With the amount of technology available today it is harder than ever before to engage and excite a prospect through email if you’re not using the right marketing tactics.

5 Email Marketing Tactics to Entice Your Prospects.

1. Contextual Targeting

With dynamic email content, the copy within your email has the ability to adapt to fit weather fluctuations, seasons, where a lead is in the sales funnel or even a prospects own interests.  Not every prospect or lead in your contact list is looking for the same benefits from your company or even located in the same region. If it’s snowing in Detroit and sunny in Texas, you might not want to feature the same information or products. The benefit of dynamic email content is that it can change in real-time to adapt with many situations and prospects. This increases personalization and the prospects ability to relate to your business, therefore creating greater engagement and excitement because of its applicability.

2. Social Media Integration

Social media has always been a quick and effective way to engage leads with content in a non-obtrusive and trusted way. By using real-time social media posts integrated into emails, you can finally combine the power of social media with direct deliverability of email. Many companies already use email to send leads to their social media sites and engage with live photos, contests, and more.

3. Geographic Targeting

A Forbes study finds that 67% of marketers agree that email is the best way to attract and engage with prospects. But with findings showing that over 100 billion emails are received and sent daily, your emails have an even harder task just trying to reach customer’s inboxes. With competition at an all time high and only expected to increase, further geo-targeting becomes that much more important. Leads like the idea of contributing to local businesses, so a map showing your closest location or service available to their area, helps facilitate a buyer to take action. In essence you give your business the appearance of the shop around the corner and show your leads that you are relatable to their world.

4. Embedded Dynamic Web Content

Engagement is all about personalization. If a lead feels like your business doesn’t apply to their current needs, they won’t engage. By including a real-time piece of your website in your business’s emails, you drastically increase the chance of engagement from a lead. Dynamic web content in an email allows your business to change the email when conditions such as weather, location, or customer behavior changes. This technology allows your email to display different content from your website at different times. A lead might look at the email during the day and come back to it at night to see a different part of website content displayed. In today’s digital world, to nurture a lead, your engagement should evolve as a lead evolves and dynamic web content does that.

5. Marketing Automation

Another form of evolving email communication comes in the form of marketing automation. Marketing automation personalizes every email while individually automating it using workflows based on a lead’s overall behavior. Since marketing automation ties your email campaigns to all of your other digital marketing tactics, it can follow a lead as it interacts with your marketing channels and automatically sends personalized content as the lead proceeds down the sales funnel for optimal nurturing opportunities. Through this intelligent design, marketing automation ensures that your emails send the right message, to the right lead, at the right time in the sales process.

Now is the Time to Think Outside the Inbox

Technology has evolved and continues evolving to facilitate a more personalized relationship between a prospect and your business, allowing you to compete in a digital environment. Having your email arrive in an inbox and not being diverted into spam was enough, but with the amount of promotional and business emails only growing, you need to think outside the inbox. Biznet Digital’s experts have been using technology to further business’s goals for over 20 years. We’ll infuse your email with intelligent software and personalization to excite your prospects whether through marketing automation or other advanced email marketing tactics. Learn more about how cutting edge email tactics can drive user engagement and discover how ready your inbox is for marketing automation with a free marketing automation health test today.