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Lose More than Traffic if your eCommerce Site isn’t Mobile Friendly

Lose More than Traffic if your eCommerce Site isn’t Mobile Friendly

Why Mobile eCommerce is a Must?mobile ecommerce

How much time do you spend out of the house? Would you say 50% or maybe even 75%? I bet some of you travel hungry individuals could even say 90%.  And while you’re constantly on the go it’s not your desktop, laptop or even your tablet that you always carry with you, but your phone. Mobile use shows no sign of slowing down, so it’s no surprise that mobile eCommerce  is on the rise.

Now I don’t believe you are trying to lose money, but you are missing out on a lot of business if you don’t have a mobile friendly eCommerce website. Amazon’s mobile profits increased from 1 billion dollars to 5 billion dollars in just three years. And while it is Amazon we’re talking about, mobile eCommerce doesn’t discriminate against small businesses. So while your mobile profits may not reach 5 billion, they will increase when compared to where your profits currently lie. The bottom line is you customers are constantly on the move and you need to be able to move with them if you hope to grow your businesses and keep up with competition.

Don’t Close your Customers off to your Mobile eCommerce site

Imagine if during your prime business hours you had a “Yes, we’re open” sign in the window but your doors were locked and your lights were off. This is what it’s like for your customers if your eCommerce site isn’t mobile responsive. Now, this doesn’t only lose you money, but will make your customer base mighty frustrated. A study created by Mobify shows that 30% of shoppers will abandon their purchases if the site they are buying from isn’t a responsive mobile eCommerce site.

But what is a responsive site you ask? A responsive website design ensures that your digital presence will be accessible from any sized screen. First impressions are a vital part of business. And with most people researching a company before making a purchase, it is extremely important for your website to be your first and best sales person. The first step to making that happen is establishing accessibility.

Check Out this Mobile eCommerce Check List to See Where your Website Ranks

Each item is worth 1 point.

  • Mobile eCommerce optimized for phones and tablets: This keeps your website and products looking amazing no matter what device it is being viewed from.
  • Easy navigation: Your customers should be able to view the same product information as your full sized site without having to zoom in or out. With smaller screens, being able to easily navigate your site could be the difference between buyer abandonment and a completed purchase.
  • Apple iOS and Google Android compatible: These are the two platforms that the average consumer or business will most likely be using when looking at your website.
  • Your call to action is visible and accessible: The main purpose of having a well designed mobile eCommerce site is to capture sales that otherwise would have been lost. But if you don’t have your call to action, like a buy now button, or free trial button front and center you’re continuing to miss opportunities to recruit new customers.
  • Easy check out: Giving your customers the option to use their mobile device to access your businesses services and products provides them with a better overall experience and leads to an increase in profits. Studies have shown that a responsive mobile eCommerce website has the ability to increase revenue by 188%. An easy and simple checkout experience contributes to that increase in revenue by reducing the average times a customer will abandon their shopping cart due to frustration.

Rank your mobile eCommerce readiness by tallying the number of items from the above checklist and compare it to the results below…

0/5: Your profits are far from what they could be. You should consider upgrading your web presence to a responsive mobile eCommerce site immediately in order to compete in the mobile marketplace.

1/5: You may have some mobile mindedness, but you still have a long journey if you hope to capture the large number of customers that are using mobile devices.

2/5: You’re doing better than some but still not keeping up with most businesses. To compete in this mobile madness you’re going to need to develop into the mobile minded business that we know you’re capable of being.

3/5: So close but so far away. Show your customers how much you care by continuing to work towards a responsive website.

4/5: You’re almost there. Why not finish off your good work and enjoy the success your mobile eCommerce site could offer?

5/5: You’re awesome. Keep up the good work.

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