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Mobile Apps | Connecting You to Customers One Palm at a Time

Mobile Apps | Connecting You to Customers One Palm at a Time

Mobilize Your Business with Your Very Own Mobile App

What makes a business successful? Well if you don’t know then you’re in more trouble than I thought. The answer is obvious…theMobile Application customers. But the truth is you’ve most likely been neglecting them. As they go about their daily routine or are off vacationing, you haven’t made the effort to be with them. As a business, you must prove yourself worthy of your customer’s loyalty. It’s time to step up and commit to your customers with a mobile app.

Mobile apps give businesses a direct link to their customers. While a virtual presence is of course vital, a mobile app is a must-have for your business to stay in constant contact with customers. A customer must be cared for and nurtured for you to obtain the most value out of the relationship. This requires you to be an ever present force in their life. According to Nielson’s 2014 second quarter report, adults spend over 43 hours a month accessing content on their mobile apps. Don’t you want your content to be what they’re accessing? Better your business with your own customized app that reflects your company’s expertise.

Unbelievable Benefits of Cellular Apps

The benefits of obtaining a committed mobile app are vast. Not only does a mobile app benefit your business but your client’s interests as well.

Your Businesses Mobile App Benefits

  • Maximize your social media investment with easy one-click links to Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms
  • Save money by having your app leverage content from your website and achieve more visits by app owners
  • Market to app owners by sending direct push notifications to the application
  • Increase lead generation and database collection with greater brand recognition
  • Personalize apps by allowing options to connect to podcasts, YouTube channel, and even send voice messages

Your Client’s Mobile App Benefits

  • The ability to interact with your company without location restrictions
  • Post directly to social media platforms
  • Receive special treatment through our application’s direct special offers
  • Gain fast and convenient access to content, relationship history, contact information, and much more
  • View businesses easily with a display that merges effortlessly with our screen

Native vs. Hybrid Cellular Apps

We would never want you to bet on the wrong team. And while both Hybrid and Native mobile apps have their strengths and weaknesses, it’s important to us, you and your clients that you make a choice that provides the most benefit for all parties involved .

Go Native with Cellular Apps

Native mobile apps are created with a specific mobile platform in mind (iOS or Android). And while native mobile applications have their disadvantages, native apps do allow you to give the best usability and features to your clients.


  • Give your clients access to multi-touch technology
  • Allow customers access to fast graphics that give you the option of developing an app with a large amount of data
  • Create fluid animation that keeps users engaged
  • Give your clients an app that is familiar by using their native mobile device
  • Allow your clients to connect to your app anywhere


Problem: Native applications can be more difficult to develop.

Answer: Hire an experienced development team that can create your vision.

Problem: Native apps can be more expensive

Answer: Make sure the development team you higher can work with your budget.

Problem: Native apps don’t work with more than one specific mobile platform. This can impact the amount of customers that have access to your businesses application.

Answer: Develop a hybrid app instead.

Get the Best of Both Worlds Hybrid Cellular Apps

Hybrid applications are a mix of a native app and a HTML5 website. As with native apps there are advantages and disadvantages to choosing a hybrid mobile app, but can give your business the best of both worlds.


  • Your clients won’t have to be restricted to one platform
  • A quicker development timeline allows your customers access to the application sooner
  • Hybrid apps can be more gentle on your businesses pocketbook
  • Keep your clients connected by being able to access your mobile app from anywhere
  • You can provide your clients with many cool native capabilities without developing separate applications

Draw Backs

Problem: Application performance is dependent on a browser’s capabilities which can slow your app down.

Answer: Have a development team work to increase your hybrid application’s speed or switch to a native app.

Increase your ROI with a Cellular App

 You’ve thought about it. Checked out prices and looked at different designs. You want to get serious but you’re just not sure. After all, it is a big commitment. But with the Luxury institute finding that “64% of affluent app users say they view brands with mobile apps more favorably,” it’s time to make that jump. Increase your ROI by boosting your customer engagement and brand recognition with a mobile app sooner rather than later.

We think it’s time you spice up your relationship with your customers through a mobile app. Here at Biznet we specialize in increasing your business’s ROI while creating a personalized development plan that works for you and your budget. Our expert developers and marketers will work with you to interpret your vision so your clients can get the most out of your mobile application. Check out our website to see how we can better your business today with a specialized mobile app.