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Quick Tips to Help Create Blog Content

Quick Tips to Help Create Blog Content

Create Blog ContentWith all the new updates in the Google search algorithm thanks to the Hummingbird update, businesses now more than ever need to ensure that their blogs are updated with fresh and relevant content on a daily basis to ensure that visits and search rankings don’t drop-off. Below are just a few quick and easy ways that businesses can stay on top of relevant content that they may find useful for the next time a blog post is scheduled to be posted.

Google Alerts for Fresh Content

If you are unfamiliar with Google Alerts, now is the time to study up. Google Alerts allows you to create an alert or email every time something that relates to your original search query is posted. For example, say you are looking for news articles related to the new iPad. Google Alerts will then allow you to choose what type of results you would like (News, Blogs, Video, etc.), how often you would like these sent to your email and whether or not you want all results or only the best results for this topic. This will not only keep you up-to-date on all results of what is being put on the internet about the new iPad, but save you time from having to scour the internet.

Review Your Blog

Who is the blog targeting? Are posts targeting that demographic? How has the blog changed, and is it better or worse than when it was first started? Looking through past blog posts and data can help businesses realize what their target demographic really wants from the company blog. By looking at the data, businesses can then begin to create articles and topics for future articles based on those posts that received the most post, comments, or goal that the company is looking to achieve.

Expand Thinking Beyond Words

Blog posts don’t simply have to be all content. Infographics, videos, and webinars are all great forms of media that can be used to create blog posts that are equally or more informative to your target demographic, and allow a company to show off the company’s personality in a unique way. These types of blog posts and media also have the chance to become more shareable, as they allow consumers to process the information faster than reading through a 500-600 blog post.

Step Outside Of Your Boundaries

Much like in your daily life, blog writings can become tedious and repetitive, which can lead to a major case of writer’s block. Once the feeling of monotony starts, step outside of the box and write about something that interests you or the company. Write about a personal experience that not only helped co-worker in life situation, but also in a work situation. These types of blog posts allow businesses the ability to give visitors to their blog a peek into the personality of the business, as well as what type of people they have working there.

While these are examples of how to help create blog content, they are not the end all solutions for every business. Take some time out of the day to discuss with co-workers the overall look and feel of your blog, get an understanding of what the company wants the blog to be for your company and for your visitors, and begin to formulate a plan that will help to deliver fresh and relevant content to them.