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Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends of 2015

Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends of 2015

Digital Marketing

The Future of Digital Marketing

In 1989 when Back to the Future 2 came out, 2015 was way off in the future. And since then we’ve seen real life examples of changing technology that was essentially science fiction. Who would have imagined the very phone glasses that were in the movie would actually become a reality and 2 years earlier than promised. There is no doubt that digital technology is what’s trending. When scanning a crowded room of people it isn’t a magazine or newspaper that you see the consumer glued to, but instead their phones, iPads, tablets and other interconnected technology. Therefore, it is no surprise that in 2015 the forecast is showing a higher increased spending in digital marketing over traditional marketing. Digital marketing in 2015 is projected to be trending in three areas.

  1. The mobile sphere is predicted to have the greatest average budget increase in digital marketing.
  2. People have become much more visual. This makes video marketing a priority since  it will be more likely to catch a viewer’s attention in this YouTube centric world.
  3. More personalized ads will be delivered to the user based on the tracking of their digital interactions through marketing automation.

Why Prioritize Mobile Marketing?

How people interact on a daily basis now more than ever involves mobile technology. The change in how we use mobile technology requires businesses to format their ads and websites on a global scale for mobile interaction rather than just computer based interaction. For the coming year, we see marketers understanding the value of marketing to mobile devices.  Enterprises’ Top Digital Marketing Priorities for 2015 cited that only 7% of the average digital marketing budget was allocated to mobile marketing in 2014, but that in 2015 the greatest agreed upon majority of enterprise marketers (34%) believe that the largest “significant increase” of the budget will go toward mobile marketing. Mobile is projected to have the number one spot on average for budget increase in digital marketing.

The increase in mobile interaction will require companies to use digital marketing to better adapt their web pages to mobile devices. Implementing Divi WordPress allows your company’s website to easily adapt to different sized screens and be user friendly with each potential customer’s technology.

In addition, personalizing mobile content that is directly connected to localization and relatability is what should be capitalized in the coming year. The Top Three Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015 estimates that there are 7.2 billion mobile connections as of the end of 2014, and cites that “20% of consumers” are in “emerging market nations.” In the next year this untapped market can be foreseen as a motivator for businesses to prioritize efforts to break down barriers for consumers to access content and ads in their own language.

To acquire these consumers businesses need to focus their efforts on mobile adaptability in order to implement localized payment methods and relatable quality content for mobile devices. Mobile marketing is the next emerging focus in the digital market and because of this, 2015 is a year to improve adaptability of quality content and services to mobile devices.

Marketing in the Video Age

Most consumers are not motivated to view a webpage or ad upon seeing a large section of text.  The year 2015 puts even further emphasis on consumers living in a visual age where pictures and video acquire more of a response than a well written article. It makes sense then that digital marketing in 2015 is trending toward video advertising. 2015 Will Be the Year of Video Marketing cites that marketers report that 75% of a video is viewed by 65% of viewers and video converts better than other forms of advertising 70% of the time. By incorporating video into your other forms of digital marketing like email and content marketing, video can increase the click-through rates and digital conversions which make video marketing a necessity for your businesses.

Distributing your video is very important to viewership. Although is an affordable place to post your video, it shouldn’t be the only place. And with videos becoming a more emphasized form of digital marketing, video analytics in marketing automation takes on more of a role.

Marketing automation allows businesses to track how each video is contributing to lead generation and ROI. In addition marketing automation can monitor each interaction a video has with a person and the percentage of drop-off.  This gives a company not only the knowledge of how many people are viewing their video, but who these people are and what quality of lead they might be. Combining the power of video with marketing automation will give a company an increase in the value of their video through the use of the quantifiable data gathered from video analytics to boost lead conversion rates.

Why Personalize Content Marketing?

Personalization in digital marketing has become a part of the basic user experience. In 2014, personalization in the digital market has been growing in popularity. Businesses like Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix follow your digital footprint and based off that data suggest a product or experiences with similar usability. A customer doesn’t want to be presented with an advertisement that doesn’t resonate with them. Why Personalization Will Dominate the Market in 2015 notes that 45% of shoppers would rather interact with websites that present advertisements personalized to them and emails that have been personalized show a 51% higher click-through rate.

The use of marketing automation to help personalize digital content and ads is essential to getting a consumer’s attention when chances are they’re being bombarded by a large quantity of information every day. Marketing automation can identify your ideal consumer based on their digital footprint and display content that is relevant to what they’re looking for.

When using digital marketing trends to help your business this next year, it’s important to know your using the right tool, at the right time, and in the right way. Marketing automation helps your digital marketing efforts gain the right results. Have confidence that your company is starting this year off right and take our free “Marketing Automation Health Check.”