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Web Design Before or After a Sitemap?

Your company just signed on with a kick-awesome web development company, and everyone is eager to see some equally kick-awesome results. But hold on! They want to do a sitemap and something called a scope of work first! So frustrating!!!

Things you should do before design
There are vital steps that must be taken first if you want your new website design phase to go smoothly. In these beginning phases you can hammer out things like:

  • What is going to be on the homepage?
  • What kinds of pages will be on the website?
  • Will there be any kind of social media interaction on the website?
  • What platform will the website be hosted on?
  • Will there be a content management system?
  • And many, many more…

All these things can affect the design and page layout in significant ways. Could you imagine designing the homepage before you know what will go on it? Or designing your ecommerce system pages before you know what kind of product images you will have? If the development company you hired is worth their salt, all of these things will be need to be addressed before the design is even a glimmer in the eye of the designer.

Think about what would happen if these were things you didn’t nail down and they got started on the web design right away.The page layout the web designer creates will have whatever they wanted to put on it. It’s possible that the designer could add something to the web page that will be impossible for the programmers to implement on your budget. Then there are endless rounds of changes as you tweak those pre-mature designs. It sounds like a disaster, but all these problems are avoidable.

Complete your sitemap. Complete your scope of work. You will be very thankful you did since the final web page designs will reflect all the planning that went into your project!

Smooth like a Smoothie

  • You want your web project to go smoothly.
  • Your web developer wants it go smoothly too!

No doubt you hired a web development company because your own company doesn’t know how to build a website. With this in mind, let your web developer do what they are best at: building websites. Many development companies have been around for 5 years or more. They have experienced the ups and downs and different trends that have swept across the Internet. These lessons shaped them into the professionals they are today. Nothing will frustrate them more if you decide that you know more about the web than they do and try to dictate what the website should look like and do.

So be patient and work together with your web development team! Your website will end up not only looking great, but working great for your business!